Growing your ‘Healthy’ Business

Thanks!!! To all the Health Professionals who attended our workshop in Emerald on 7 September, 2018, I hope you found the workshop useful, and took away some plans for your existing (or future!) business.

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Hi there!  Thanks for dropping by my ‘2018 Growing Your Healthy Business ‘ page. I hope the information I have provided will assist you on your Business Journey.

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As I said at the workshop, networking with your fellow professionals will also be an excellent learning experience for you.

You have some very experienced business owners in your midst who I’m sure will be willing to help you on your business journey.

Growing your ‘Healthy’ Business

I hope you found the ‘Growing your Healthy Business’ session helpful, and perhaps even a little thought provoking. As a follow-up to the workshop, I have provided a link to the slides, resources and other materials I think may be useful.

What did you enjoy most?

As mentioned, I have had the privilege of being an advocate speaker and voice in Remote Rural Regions and it is a passion of mine. So that I can ensure I am meeting your expectations, I would love to hear what you particularly enjoyed about the session, or anything else you think should be included. Please don’t hesitate to reach out by sending us an email via our online contact form (bottom of page).

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