ALUMNUS DETERMINED TO HELP SMALL COMPANIES GROW OUT OF THE 'STRUGGLE ZONE' Published:08 June 2018 PHOTO: CQUni Alumnus Bronwyn Reid. BELOW: Copies of her first book, 'Small Company, Big Business – How to get your Small Business ready to do business with Big Business'....

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The Risks of Building Your Business on Just One Customer

The rise and fall of Alex’s cleaning empire I read a story in the news this week about a small business owner (Alex) who had lost his entire business – as well as his house, his car, his fishing gear – everything. The businessman concerned was a 29 year old who owned...

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Rural Business Collective Article

What's in a name? For some businesses, re-branding is a bit like jumping off a cliff. “I was terrified,” says Bronwyn Reid.  “But you remind yourself why you were considering it in the first place and take one step at a time.” Bronwyn and her husband Ian Rankine have...

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Tender Process

How to Make Sure Your Tender Doesn’t Fall at the First Hurdle Recently, I attended a workshop about writing Tenders with the procurement team of a very large, multinational company, along with a selection of their small business suppliers. In my experience, the...

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Unfair contracts

Some big companies still don't get it. Every small business owner can tell stories about how their company has suffered at the hands of a large corporate wielding unfair contracts. I’m sure you will recall the 2016 debacle in the Australian milk industry, where a...

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30 Day Payment Terms

Good news on Payment Terms. Rio Tinto goes back to 30 day terms ... But only for "Small" business. It seems that the pressure (and media spotlight) put on one of Australia's largest multinationals by politicians, industry groups and suppliers on payment times has at...

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2017 Budget

What goodies were in the 2017 Budget for Small Business? Last night, the Federal Treasurer released the 2017 Budget. Of course, the media is full of commentary this morning – principally about the big ticket items like the increase in the Medicare Levy, and the 6...

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Payment Times Report

At last - a possible end to small businesses being used as "banks". The Payment Times Inquiry Report is finally released. For a very long time now, I have been expressing my dismay at large companies that delay payments to their smaller suppliers. (Anyone who follows...

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and make your company more profitable. On International Women's Day 2017, I had the honour and pleasure of being the MC at a "Women Leading the Way” Luncheon. As with every IWD function across the world, women and men came together to celebrate the achievements of...

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The one document you need

to start doing business with big companies: Your Capability Statement A short while ago, I received some panicked phone calls from a couple of small business owners.  In each case, the business owner had been asked by a potentially large client (a mining company in...

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Raising company valuations

by over $1b. It's all about knowing your "Capacity" and "Capability". I have just listened to this episode of the highly regarded Dent Podcast. In this episode, Glen Carlson interviews Tim Dwyer of Shirlaws about the exact recipe to grow a business.  Tim is a master...

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Are You Ready?

Happy New Year everyone! Are You Ready to Make Your Business Boom in 2017? Today is the first official day back at work for 2017, so the new year is officially under way. Before the Christmas break, a few of my fellow Smallville authors and I got together and decided...

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The cost of business ethics

ETHICS MOMENTS Last month I wrote a post suggesting that businesses could benefit by adopting the practice of "Ethics Moments". Like Safety Moments, Ethics Moments are the times when you pause, and consider what you are about to do next.  (read here) I've also written...

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Trouble at the Top

Trouble at the Top. Would "Ethics Moments" help? Hands up if you’ve ever been involved in a “Safety Moment”.  A Safety Moment is when a work group has a brief discussion about safety issues – often at the beginning of the day, a shift or a meeting. (The issues...

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Anti-competition Policy

Anti-competition policy saga takes another step forward Small and Medium Businesses can see some light at the end of the tunnel. After more than 3 years, the prospect of better protection for SME's from anti-competitive behaviour by big business is one step closer....

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Brexit, NAFTA – Your Company

Brexit, NAFTA - Your Company - What they all have in common This is a guest post from my friend Ian Dainty of While Ian talks about the UK and the USA/Canada, I felt it was appropriate for us here in Australia and therefore very...

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My Smallville Article

Don't go to any more workshops ... unless you're actually going to implement what you learned. My last blog post was about 2016 Queensland Small Business Week, and the events that were happening across the state.  Thousands of Small Business owners attended workshops,...

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Small Business Week

Happy Small Business Week everyone! This week is officially 2016 Queensland Small Business Week - when the State celebrates the contribution that small businesses and their owner make to our communities. "97% of Queensland's businesses have less than 20 employees, and...

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