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Small Company,
Big Crisis
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Foreword by Kate Carnell AO
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Small Company, Big Crisis is packed full of useful information about how to prepare for, get through and come out the other end of a crisis in business. I love the attention to detail on what we, as business owners need to do, and especially the sections on risk management and creating a cash reserve, the latter so often the reason that businesses don’t survive a crisis.
aka The Cash Flow Queen
Author and Financial Educator
Successfully managing risk normally comes from experience (and a dollop of luck). Business owners that had been through the Global Financial Crisis, or other downturns, were more able to navigate the recent pandemic. Bronwyn Reid selflessly shares her experience, drawing on plenty of global examples, to help you the business owner, make sure you are as well prepared as possible to deal with the inevitable bumps in the road, big or small, on your way to success. Just remember to keep your sense of humour …
CEO MBH Corporation PLC.
This book is an excellent synopsis of what is happening in the world of business today. It gives business owners some excellent ideas about how to navigate the future of business, especially after Covid is history. A definite read for both small and large business people.
CEO Maximize Business Marketing
If you are in business and in particular a small business this book is one you need to grab with both hands and devour! A well-structured gold mine of ‘How-To’s’, tips, and tactics that every business owner should know and have in their arsenal. Easy to read, this book will enable your business to prepare for and come through the other side of pretty much any crisis in good shape.
The Profitability Coach
Founder Elite Business Institute
From my experience, working with business owners around the world, very few plan for the inevitable crisis that they have to deal with. The result is business failure. At long last a very smart and practical book has been written to help business owners start to not only navigate their way through any kind of crisis but also to learn from the crisis they face and to become much stronger. Small Company, Big Crisis is an essential read for every single business owner.
International Bestselling Author, Global Speaker, Entrepreneurial Futurist

What does Resilience mean to you?

Schererville In Small Company, Big Crisis, I write about the concept of Resilience, and I ask the reader to consider what Resilience means to them.

Tarāna Does it mean that your business survives intact, even though it may be much smaller?
• Does it mean that you extract yourself and your family from the business with sufficient funds to start again?
• Does it mean that you will have the will and the energy to rebuild if all is lost?

To help you answer this question, you can complete this short, free questionnaire “How Resilient Are You?”


2020 saw the biggest disruption to our businesses, communities and lives for decades. But the coronavirus pandemic followed close on the heels of the Australian bushfires, the resources industry crash, massive floods, the Global Financial Crisis …

It seems that we no sooner get through one crisis, when another one comes along. And that is exactly what does happen, but we treat the good times as “normal” business conditions, and the crises as the abnormal times. Australian businesses will continue to be buffeted by crises, whether they be natural disasters, economic ups and downs, a family tragedy, or even a pandemic. Therefore, it is disingenuous to act as though the good times are “normal”, and act surprised when things go haywire. Small businesses are very vulnerable to these disruptions. Research shows that 40 percent of small businesses never reopen after a disaster, and another 25 percent, that do reopen, fail within a year. 

Apart from the obvious impact on the business owners, their families and their employees, these failures have huge impacts on the wider community and delay all recovery efforts. But small business owners often find it difficult to designate time and resources for something like a disaster or an economic downturn that may or may not happen.

This book clearly shows steps for the business owner to take before, during and after a crisis hits. The steps are not difficult and do not take a lot of time, but will ensure that a left-field event is not one.

This book is a compilation of the author’s own experiences and observations, and what she has learned from them. Booms and Busts – how they happen, and how they unfold 10 things to do to prepare your company as best you can 10 things to do when the crisis hits 10 things to do when the worst is over to ensure you are at the head of the subsequent recovery A “hopeful” section – the changes the author would like to see that will help all businesses to survive, and make society better and fairer.

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