I can help you get BIGGER Contracts, and Navigate the TENDERING process. 


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I can help you to Get BIGGER Contracts, and Navigate the Tendering Process

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I can help you to Get BETTER Stronger Supply Chain Partnerships with SMES

I’ve navigated the supply chain process from both sides and understand how and why your opportunities are likely not being maximised with SMEs. I can help you master this for increased profitability in the Rural and Regional Sectors. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


I am the author of two books – one an Amazon Bestseller, International Book Award winner and Australian Business Book Awards Finalist

Keynote Topics

My keynote topics centre on the immense opportunities & value being missed because SMEs & big businesses don’t speak the same language.


As your personal SME business mentor, I will show you how to attract, win and retain work with Big Business. I work with you to identify your full business growth potential.

Programs & Training

Our training programs bridge the gap between SMEs and big organisations, and unlock commercial value for both parties.


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I am also a regular contributor to Inside Small Business Magazine.

About Bronwyn Reid and The GAP Effect™

Being a smaller supplier to very big organisations has been part of my whole life. I grew up in regional Queensland, a descendant of a long line of farming entrepreneurs – selling their produce to those very big companies.

After a time in Corporate – where I saw the other side of the small company – big business transactions – I spent a decade living in underdeveloped parts of developing countries. There, an entire region can be dominated by just one, large, industry – or even just one company.

The relationship between SMEs and their big counterparts (and government) is critical to our economic success, especially in the wake of the COVID pandemic. We need them both, and they need each other, but they just don’t speak the same language. I call this The GAP Effect™ and that’s what I’m all about helping companies of all sizes to resolve.

I have been referred to as the Google Translate App for SMEs and big business. I help them to understand each other, and create valuable, profitable commercial relationships.

My Books Help Business Owners 

It was a good time to update a Revised Edition of Small Company Big Business in 2023, because so much has changed in business since the first version was released in 2017.  This is the cornerstone of the work I do helping companies to understand and resolve The GAP Effect™ in all types of businesses.

I started writing Small Company Big Crisis in 2018 – long before anyone had heard of COVID 19. The book begins by examining booms and busts, & why they continue to happen. But the book is about business facing crises, and these come in all sorts of guises. Natural disasters, a key employee leaving, a divorce or some other tragic life event. And of course, now we are coping with a global pandemic.


Bronwyn has a diverse range of experience across multiple industries and this has ensured that her workshops will suit a wide range of business owners. Bronwyn is truly dynamic and engaging in her workshop delivery and continues to be a preferred workshop provider with the Local Buying Foundation.

Sandra Hobbs

General Manager, CHDC

By reading your book it has helped me get a better understanding of the mindset of much larger organisations. They are no doubt a bigger beast that needs time, process and patience to win over. I’m really grateful for having found this book.
Pat Williams

CEO, Cornstalk Software Pty Ltd, TKO

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