When you sign up to keep in touch with me, I don’t just send out boring old ‘clog up your inbox’ newsletters.  I’m a compulsive creator of high value resources and tools for SMEs to use in their endeavours to do better bigger business.  So over the year’s I’ve banked quite an extensive library of these, and love to share them.

When you’re part of my tribe, I ensure that every month you start with a fantastic new tool you can use in your business immediately. And – these are FREE.

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Tame the Chaos in Your Business

Why have Business systems?

Business Partners

Why business partnerships are the most powerful weapon for your business

Blood out of an Elephant

How to get paid, on time, by your big customers.

Best Tender Sites

Visit the best Government Tender sites listing for each state – ‘save – click and go’.

5 Easiest ways to Lose Money

Five (5) Easiest ways to lose money on a contract with a big company. Download my handy flow-chart to help you to identify where your business may be losing money.

More great tools and templates are being developed every month and there are also paid resources in The Store. 


  • Tender go-no-go
  • Capability Statement
  • Proposal Success Calculators
  • Procedure Templates


Here is a selection of my 2 minute videos on how to get bigger business, and become part of a supply chain.  It’s just a sample of the many additonal helpful weekly videos on my You Tube channel – I highly recommend you visit and subscribe for more of these.


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