If you feel that your path forward in business is overwhelming, or you have a particular issue that needs attention, this package is for you.

You may need direction, and over 8 months together, we will create and implement your own Business Road Map.


Note: This program is designed to fit in with the Qld Government $10,000 Small Business Grants.

There are two distinct features about this package that make it totally different to the ‘run of the mill’ business mentoring or coaching programs. One of my breakthrough moments was when I realised that not every business needs all of their business skills at the same level.

Here’s an example:

If you are a sole trader, working from your office in the spare bedroom, you don’t need an industrial strength health and safety system. However, if you are a contractor hoping to work for a mining company, you most certainly do. This breakthrough allowed me to create my Business Road Map Matrix.

Most programs presume that every business owner needs the same level of skills. The Business Road Map Matrix allows us to pick and choose the skills you need, and the level of that skill that is appropriate for your business.

Investment: $9750 over 12 months.


The ‘Power Session Mentoring’ program is all about you and your business – and solving those day-to-day issues that just pop up.

The POWER MENTORING Program gives you unlimited 15 minute calls to deal with those “have to deal with it now” issues.

This program is all about you and your business – and solving those day to day issues that just pop up out of the blue. Most mentoring and coaching programs come with a certain number or 1 or 2 hour 1:1 sessions – as do my programs.

But not everyone needs a whole hour or two every month. More often than not, you don’t need a whole session – but you do have an urgent question that needs attending to.

The Power Session Mentoring program allows you unlimited 15-minute calls over 12 months to quickly discuss those “have to deal with it now” issues or to simply have a chat. I’m no psychologist, but sometimes we all need a ‘pick-me-up’ call with someone we trust – to reassure ourselves!)

Calls are very ‘outcome focused’ – no chit chat. I want to see you get results as quickly as possible and make sure that they are cumulative. I want to see you succeed and progress in the quickest time frame. So let’s get started!

Investment: $990

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My programs are designed so that we can work closely together to grow your business to its full potential.