The GAP Effect™ is arguably the biggest issue affecting the economy right now.

Failure to understand the jargon, needs, and business operations of the ‘other guys’ means that both SMEs and Big Companies miss out on billions of dollars of joint commerce. SMEs and BIG Companies need to get on the same page and do better business together so we ALL benefit. Bronwyn Reid is a master translator for both sides. She has been likened to a ‘Google Translate’ app for the business world who facilitates better business for anyone wanting to navigate The GAP. As a speaker, trainer, coach, and mentor – here’s why you need to have Bronwyn at your next event in 2024.


For SMEs.

  • To understand risk management in relation to becoming a part of a much bigger supply chain, and grow their own capabilities – sustainable.
  • To ensure they understand the language of big business and supply chains. The Jargon is what often trips us up.

For Large and Mega Organisations.

  • Why developing through better use of SMEs can be good for business – well beyond the simple matter of corporate social responsibility.
  • How to access the extraordinary mindset of entrepreneurs in their large companies.


Because that’s where the big, nationally important supply chains start. And COVID 19 showed us all just how vulnerable those supply chains can be.

The risk wasn’t from having SMEs as suppliers, it came from long, complicated, international supply chains.

COVID has also changed our perceptions of the place of business in our society and communities. Business for Purpose is the new way of operating, and big organisations
can lead the way. Some are already doing so.

My driver is to help these big organisations to engage with SMEsThere’s some heavy lifting to do to reshape our economy. Big business has the capital and the influence to do this, but not always the knowledge of how to engage.


Because that’s where families get fed, apprentieships are served, communities form, and economies grow. SMEs are the heart of any country, state, and township… and if all the mega companies in the world fell over tomorrow, the SMEs will pick up and carry on. So my driver is to ensure they can do what they need to do, to grow, to thrive, and not just survive economic and business ups and downs.

Why not start with the ‘ARE YOU READY’ quiz to see what you most need to focus on for your growth plans in 2024. This quick QUIZ will help you with planning your priorities. 

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I am a small business enthusiast, or nut, depending on your perspective. Now, my presenting and writing combines my two life-long passions of teaching and small business. I am able to share with you and your audience my experience as a successful small business owner and entrepreneur. Having supplied to national and international companies and all levels of government for over 25 years in my own businesses, I am able to share with you my experiences, trials, tribulations and successes of attracting, working with, and keeping, big business clients.

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