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Small Company, Big Crisis: How to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a business crisis


#1 AMAZON BEST SELLER; AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS BOOK AWARDS FINALIST 2021. Discover how to prepare for, respond to and recover from a business crisis in the latest book from Author, Bronwyn Reid.

Small Company, Big Business: How to Find, Win and Keep Bigger Customers



Revised 2023 Edition released June 2023 in ebook and print options. Audio due December 2023.

Working directly with me to advance your business and maximise opportunities

Introducting the UP Sessions
Unpack & Prioritise!


Work one-to-one with Bronwyn for 90 minutes to work out where you are, what you really need to focus on right now, and chart a solid course to get to where you can pitch for significantly bigger and better business.

Tailored Mentoring 3 Months

From $2,000 per Month

Focusing on moving you quickly through your highest priorities in a weekly or fortnightly program that follows on from an UP Session.
This is about Getting Things DONE!

BONUS – Lifetime Access to a full suite of powerfully helpful resources. 

1:1 Mentoring 12 Months

From $1,500 per Month

If you feel that your path forward in business is overwhelming, or you have a particular issue that needs attention, this package is for you. You may need direction, and over 8 months together, we will create and implement your own Business Road Map

Other Products & Services

Small Company, Big Business Group Program Image

Small Company, Big Business Group Program


If you are ready to punch above your perceived weight and want to be fully focused on getting bigger contracts, this program is based on my first book Small Company Big Business.

Understanding Tenders

Understanding Tenders


In crazy times as small business owners, we need to know how to make our businesses sustainable and ride out the downtimes. This is a course aimed at businesses that have limited to no experience with tender and grant writing.

Tame the chaos in your business

Tame The Chaos In Your Business Do It With Me


Have you read “The E Myth” yet? It’s one of the biggest-selling and most successful business books of all time. This group course is the practical, implementation step of getting your business systemised. It is the “how-to” that follows the E-Myth’s “what to do”.

Only 6 months to get your Business Systems sorted.

Tame the chaos in your business

Tame The Chaos In Your Business DIY


This online course is a must for any business dealing with government clients, large companies, international organisations or even NFPs. They need to know you have systems in place to be a reliable supplier, and not pose a risk to their supply chain.

Your Business CARDIO Plan Program

Your Business CARDIO Plan Program


This group program helps business owners and managers to recognise when a crisis might be imminent, be prepared with their own Business CARDIO Plan, and be at the front of the queue when the inevitable upturn arrives.


If you’re not quite sure what you need, and just want to book a time to talk with Bronwyn or one of our team to fully explore how we can help you, please use this link to connect for a chat.

PAID Resources

These 5 downloads are highly functional and very useful. 
You can purchase them individually at $7 each or pay for 4 and get 5 for $30.00

Procedure Template

Procedure forms are part of your quality system – they enhance the quality of your products and services, as well as employees knowing they are fulfilling their roles.

Tender Go No Go

Should we apply for this Tender? My ‘go-no-go’ criteria rating scale provides a good checklist reference prior to preparing your tender documentation.

Capability Statement

At the beginning of every small business journey it pays to establish your company ‘Capability Statement’. It’s the foundation of your business journey.

Build your CARDIO Plan

Download Resources

Proposal Success Calculator

I have developed a proposal win percentage + cost calculator – Excel Template Download.

One Paid Resource – $7

5 Pack Bundle – $30


Best Tender Sites

Visit the best Government Tender sites listing for each state – ‘save – click and go’.

Blood out of an Elephant

How to get paid, on time, by your big customers.

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