I hope you find these resources and essential business forms useful for your small business.

Best Tender Sites

Visit the best Government Tender sites listing for each state – ‘save – click and go’.


Should we apply for this Tender? My ‘go-no-go’ criteria rating scale provides a good checklist reference prior to preparing your tender documentation.

Proposal Success Calculator

I have developed a proposal win percentage + cost calculator – Excel Template Download.

Capability Statement

At the beginning of every small business journey it pays to establish your company ‘Capability Statement’. It’s the foundation of your business journey.

Procedure Template

Procedure forms are part of your quality system – they enhance the quality of your products and services, as well as employees knowing they are fulfilling their roles.

Invoice Template

Handy Excel invoice template ready to add your logo, personalise, and the invoice automatically updates the Reference Fields. Just tab in and out of fields so as not to change coding.

Blood out of an Elephant

How to get paid, on time, by your big customers.

5 Easiest ways to Lose Money

Five (5) Easiest ways to lose money on a contract with a big company. Download my handy flow-chart to help you to identify where your business may be losing money.

Business Partners

Why business partnerships are the most powerful weapon for your business

Tame the Chaos in Your Business

Why have Business systems?

Build your CARDIO Plan

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