A fresh approach to business development

by | Jul 30, 2021

After 18 months of planning and hard work by a few dedicated individuals, the Bowen Basin Business Development Initiative will be launched on September 18th in Moranbah.

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This new initiative will help businesses in the Central Highlands and Isaac regions of Queensland meet the challenges of market boom and bust cycles.

The BBBDI brings together local governments, economic development organisations, State Government Departments, industry, business groups and business development consultants.  Business development activities will be coordinated through a dedicated BBBDI website.

The Initiative is based on the principles that all businesses require:

  • Nine core business skills, with
  • Three stages of development within each skill, and
  • Businesses are operating as either Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) or both.

Every business development event across the region will be branded with the BBBDI Logo, and clearly identify what type of event it is.

For example, a workshop could be specifically targeted to B2C organisations, who need help with their Sales and Marketing at an intermediate level.


All key stakeholders will be able to list their events and workshops on the BBBDI website, so we avoid scheduling clashes and overlaps.

All in all, the Initiative will result in a more strategic and targeted approach to business development for everyone.  

As part of the future development of the Initiative, there is a strategy document that sets out the future potential of the BBBDI.  One area of real future potential is the introduction of business mentoring to help business owners put the skills they are learning into practice in their own organisations.

The workshop and launch of the BBBDI have been generously funded by the Local Buying Community Foundation. The Foundation has been a long-term supporter of the Initiative.

For more information about the Initiative, you can download a short Fact Sheet.  The full Strategy document will be available from the BBBDI website (www.bbbdi.com.au) following the official launch on September 18th.

If you or your organisation is interested in attending the official launch luncheon event in Moranbah, download the Official Invitation here.