Ignite Magazine: What’s In A Name?

by | Jul 15, 2021

IGNITE Volume 1

What’s In A Name?

For some businesses, re-branding is a bit like jumping off a cliff.

“I was terrified,” says Bronwyn Reid.“But you remind yourself why you were considering it in the first place and take one step at a time.”

Bronwyn and her husband Ian Rankine have owned and operated businesses out of Emerald in Central Queensland for over 20 years. As consultants, their businesses are a deeply personal reflection of their professionalism and creativity. Four years ago, Bronwyn launched Mining for Business, (now Small Company, Big Business) a program aimed at sharpening small businesses’ ability to deal with bigger corporations.

“But people keep thinking I’m a mining company and I’m not!” She explains, “Rebranding was such a hard decision to make, especially when it’s a business you’ve built from the ground up, but I had a wonderful mentor who pointed out that everything I’m doing, including training and the upcoming launch of my book, stems from the business name, so it has to be perfect.”

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