Pop-up shops, and how small business can help each other.

by | Jul 27, 2021

COMING TO CAPELLA | Parent Trap and Roses n Things will be in Capella over the weekend.

I just love this story that I found in the CQNews today. The CQNews is the local newspaper for a regional area in Australia – that just happens to be my home.

The story is about a local businessman in a very small regional town hosting pop-up shops.  The pop-up shops are from another regional town even further west – where a severe drought is really biting hard. Businesses and residents are all doing it tough.

One of the pop-up shops is a toy shop called “Parent Trap” – fabulous name.  The small town hosting the event, Capella, doesn’t have much in the way of shops at all, let alone a quality toy shop.  So, any Christmas toy shopping will inevitably take more dollars away from the small town.

With the pop-up shop, the kids of Capella will be able to get their quality toys, more money will stay in regional Australia, and hopefully the “Parent Trap” of Barcaldine will have a good pre-Christmas sales boost.

Hats off to businessman Pat Dooley for organising and hosting this.

I’m normally not a great fan of pop-up shops.  Too often, a large retailer comes in for one or two days, and undercuts the established local retailers who support their communities 365 days of the year.

But this one ticks all the boxes.  I might drive up to Capella to do some Christmas shopping this weekend…

For the full CQNews story, click here