Small Business Week

by | Jul 24, 2021

Happy Small Business Week everyone!

This week is officially 2016 Queensland Small Business Week – when the State celebrates the contribution that small businesses and their owner make to our communities.

“97% of Queensland’s businesses have less than 20 employees,
and they employ 43% of Queensland’s private sector workforce.”

So, we’re a significant force in the Queensland economy.

Throughout Queensland, events will be taking place on all things to do with small business:

  • collaboration and partnerships
  • innovation and entrepreneurship
  • identifying and seizing opportunities
  • preparing for digital disruption.

“5 Things to do Immediately to Improve Your Business”

For 2016 Queensland Small Business week, I will be presenting a workshop that I have specifically prepared for this week, on May 19th in Moranbah.

Knowing that many businesses have been affected by the mining industry downturn in Queensland, I have put together 5 tools that business owners can implement pretty well straight away.  This won’t be a “theoretical” workshop where the participants sit and listen – it will be 5 hours of solid content, with take-away tools.

Other workshops being held across the central regions of Queensland are:


   Workshop    Time    Location    Presenter
   Event Planning Basics   14 May | 9am-12pm  TM3 Training Boardroom  TM3
   QuickBooks for Business  16 May | 9am-5pm  AIM Bacon Street  Next Accounting
   MYOB for Business   17 May | 9am- pm  AIM Bacon Street  Next Accounting
   Xero for Business  18 May | 9am-5pm  AIM Bacon Street  Next Accounting
  5 things to do for Business   18 May | 9am – 2pm  Moranbah Community Chapel  Mining for Business


18 May      (7.00am – 9.00am)
Qld Small Business Week Breakfast hosted by CQ News – EMERALD
CQ News, Central Highlands Development Corporation, Central Highlands Regional Council

Who is this recommended for: 
All businesses and members of the community are welcome to celebrate Small Business Week and the Central Highlands #chcommunitychampions.  There will be a sausage sizzle and champions will receive a certificate of recognition for their hard work within the community.  Head on down and enjoy a casual meet and greet before you head off to work. This is a free event.

More Information 

20 May   (8.00am – 11.00am)
Business Bootcamp – BLACKWATER
CQ News, Central Highlands Development Corporation, Central Highlands Regional Council

Who is this recommended for: 
Bentleys and Lifestyle Therapies and Training Solutions (LTTS) will be providing participants with a well-rounded workshop that covers key areas of business management to move forward into 2016.

More Information 

Click here to find out about more Queensland Small Business Week events

By Bronwyn Reid – Mining For Business | 16 May 2016